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IQ Test: Which woman is in danger? Look at the picture and use your logic.

Everyone has their own way of seeing and interpreting things. However, there are situations and facts that have only one explanation and one logic. Therefore, anyone with an observant mind can understand them. In today’s IQ test, we will see how perceptive you are.

Visual Test: “Which of these women is in danger?”

To perform this IQ test, you must have a sharp sense of observation. Indeed, you will have to observe each detail of the image to identify the clues that will allow you to understand the circumstances of the image and thus solve the visual enigma! Are you ready?

In the image below are represented three women doing their workout in a gym. Pay close attention because one of these women is actually in danger. It’s up to you to find out which one!

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IQ Test: The Answers

This is a rather difficult IQ test that requires a lot of concentration and attention in order to get a correct reasoning. That’s why you were not given a time limit. So how did you do? Did you find the woman in danger and did you know why?

It’s time to check if you were perceptive and got the right answer!


In this gym, look closely at the woman on the treadmill on the right side. She is chewing gum. Now she is running. She is in danger of swallowing it wrong and choking on it, causing her to lose her balance on the machine. She is therefore the woman in danger in this image.

Did you give the right answer with the right explanation? Well done! You have a keen eye and a well-developed analytical mind that make you an excellent observer. You deserve to be considered a pro at visual challenges! Other interesting IQ tests are waiting for you on our site! Don’t hesitate to take a look!

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If you fail, don’t get discouraged. You just need to become more sensitive to the small details. Fortunately, we can help you: Stimulate your vision and your brain regularly with our various visual tests. You need to train yourself to observe and pay attention. To motivate yourself, you can also take all your friends and family with you!

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