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IQ Test: Who is his father? You only have one chance to solve this EXTREME puzzle.

Visual puzzles have become a favorite pastime for some people on Facebook and Instagram. That’s why you’re encouraged to develop this complicated mental exercise that has put thousands of people in check. Are you ready to set a new record?

Use all your deductive skills in solving this curious case on the first try. Pay special attention to the following lines as you will learn the instructions for the viral exercise. Don’t let this challenge play with your mind!

Who is the child’s father?

Activate your detective mode and find out who the child’s father is. Don’t let yourself go because the visual puzzle you are about to solve is very complicated. Besides, you only have 5 seconds to give the right answer to the challenge – we start in 3, 2, 1! GO.

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Discover who is the father of the child

Time out! We hope that you have succeeded in solving this mental exercise that was only done by 1% of the people. To know how close you were to winning, you should pay attention to the following paragraph.

ANSWER: The zombie is the boy’s father because they have the same hair color. Also, you can see that the other man just wants to help him. The answer was right in front of you!

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