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IQ Test: You are a true observer if you find the 5 differences in these pictures of people in cars

The visual personality test is a way to evaluate visual perception, reactivity and observation skills. With this IQ test, which consists in finding 5 differences in 2 photos that seem to be the same, we will be able to better understand if we have the sense of observation or not. The objective is to find the differences quickly, after 20 seconds. The pictures show a man in a car, sometimes red, sometimes orange. He raises his hand and smiles. This scene takes place against a background of green trees and orange trees.

Discover the 5 differences:

Among the 5 differences between the 2 photos, the cloud above the green tree is smaller for the right photo. The second difference is the leaf on the trunk of the orange tree, less slanted. There is an elbow pad on the green sweater of the driver. The fourth difference is the leaf under the car. Finally, the last difference is the absence of grass at the back of the car.

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Before taking a visual IQ test, it is important to be well relaxed in order to concentrate. At first glance, the pictures look the same. But if you look at each detail of the trees, the car, the man and the rest, you can see 5 differences that you have to find in 20 seconds. Some people can detect them more or less 20 seconds. Others will not see them.

Personality trait of a good observer

A person who is able to identify the 5 differences between the 2 pictures has an ability to adapt and easily anticipates situations. He/she can be creative and is able to find tailor-made solutions, especially in the professional environment. To have a sense of observation is to easily spot one element among many others.

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Relationship of a good observer with others

An observer understands better the internal mechanisms, personality and character of the person he is dealing with. He does not judge but asks questions about changes and behaviors.

What about the person who has not found the 5 differences?

If a person does not find the 5 differences, it is important to work on the ability to concentrate, in order to develop the sense of observation. This visual IQ test is a mind game to train cognitive and perceptual skills. It also stimulates the brain by improving concentration and insight. In a way, it is a time-consuming game that allows you to have fun and enjoy looking for differences.

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