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IQ Test: You are considered a genius if you can solve this logic model math problem!

Do you think you are strong in math? Then here is an IQ test that will certainly interest you! Put your reasoning skills and logic to the test in this math problem. If you pass this test, you will be qualified as a genius.

Can you solve the following logical sequences?

If you’ve always been good with numbers, this math challenge shouldn’t be a problem for you. However, if you’re a little unsure of your math skills, you need to focus all your attention on this IQ test and find a place without distractions to concentrate. This will put all the odds in your favor!

Are you comfortable? Here’s your challenge for the day: in the image below you are presented with rows of numbers that all produce the same result “6”. Your task will be to figure out how each row of numbers can generate this result. Since this logic test is difficult enough, there is no time limit. Good luck!

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Answers to the test

Before we reveal the solutions, how did you find the test? Do you think you could do it if we included a time limit?

The solution

Now it’s time to reveal the correct answers to the test so you can compare them with your answers. Look at the image below:

So, did you manage to get all the answers right? If you have given 10 correct answers, you can be proud of yourself, because you have just proved that you are a real genius. Congratulations!

Did you fail? Don’t worry, this challenge was really difficult and you needed a high level of reasoning to solve most of the calculations.

If you enjoyed this IQ test, we invite you to share it with your loved ones. If you are looking for more logic tests of this kind, don’t hesitate to visit our site. You will find observation, IQ and personality tests of all kinds!

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