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Let’s see if you have a good sense of observation, only the most attentive can pass this test!

It’s time to evaluate your eyesight and observation skills. To do this, we propose a visual test that has gone viral on social networks. It is important to note that of all the people who tried to take the challenge, only 2% managed to complete this exercise. Now it’s your turn to play. Will you join those who have a great visual skill Or are you just average?

What exactly is this about?

On this picture are two zebras. However, it will not be an ordinary photo, since the two animals on it will be confused. Thus, the image will present a kind of optical illusion. There will be well two heads of zebraHowever, the illusion will give the impression that these two heads will share the same body. Your goal will be to determine which zebra came in front of the camera first. If your visual skills are better than average, you should be able to find the answer in 7 seconds.

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Why do this test ?

Photos in which there are optical illusions are a sensation on social networks, because they are, in some ways, quite disturbing and intriguing. Not only is it a lot of fun to try to understand the image, but this kind of test can also help to detect a problem related to vision. This allows you to react faster and have time to treat the problem. Visual puzzles are also a good way toimprove concentration while having fun. Moreover, it is possible to do it at home or elsewhere, because this kind of test obviously does not take much time.

Did you manage to find the right answer?

The zebra on the right is the one that goes first in the picture. Congratulations to everyone who made it! You have an impeccable view.

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If you look closely at the photo, you should have noticed the small details on the bodies of the two animals. First, the stripes on the head of the zebra on the left and those seen near the camera do not match. Secondly, we had to observe the position of the back legs of the animal. They clearly indicate that the animal was turned to the right. In a third step, if you had looked carefully, you would have noticed that the body of the zebra on the right is slightly more exposed. A photo with the solution is waiting for you just below.

Don’t hesitate to share your score on your social networks and to propose this test to your friends.

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