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Logic Challenge: Measure your IQ by finding the 3-digit code in under 50 seconds!

Logic and thinking tests are very popular, and this particular challenge is a great way to train your brain. People who like challenges will love to find the code and solve this puzzle. This puzzle has a picture that contains 5 wrong combinations, but which may provide clues. You will have to use your logic and observation skills to determine which combination is correct. This type of puzzle is very popular on social networks, so get ready to take the challenge and find the code!

Rules to follow to solve the challenge

To succeed in this challenge, you must observe and concentrate well. There are rules to follow for find the right 3-digit code.

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Photo credit : Radiotips

First of all, you should observe the colored dots arranged after each combination of 3 numbers.

  • A black dot means that the number is not present
  • A yellow dot means that the number is present but not in the right box
  • A green dot means that the number is present in the right box.

Attention, the colored dots are not placed in order.

This challenge is of a difficult level as shown by the difficulty slider on the image.

Let’s reveal the mystery code

We are about to reveal the code of the day that is displayed in the image. The numbers that make up the code are circled in color. We invite you to find the right answer and congratulate yourself if you succeeded in less than 50 seconds.

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So, what is the code? It’s 042!

Photo credit Radiotips

We hope that you enjoyed this challenge and that you will be ready for the next one. Good luck!

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