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Logical puzzle: Crack the code to unlock your IQ in less than 25 seconds!

Are you up for the challenge? See if you can crack the code and prove your problem solving skills! Let’s see who can figure it out first!

Are you ready to test your skills and crack the code? Logic and thinking tests have been popular on social media for some time now.

This puzzle requires you to analyse a given picture with 5 combinations that are wrong, but give clues. Your job is to find the 3-digit code by deciphering the image.

Are you up for the challenge? Let’s get started!

Rules to follow to solve the challenge

In order to complete the challenge, it is important to pay close attention and concentrate.

The puzzle requires finding the correct 3-digit code by looking at the coloured dots placed after each combination of 3 numbers.

The black dot implies that one of the numbers is not present, the yellow dot signifies that one of the numbers is present but not in the right box, and the green dot means that one of the numbers is present in the right box.

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With this in mind, this challenge is considered of a medium level as indicated by the difficulty slider in the picture.

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In order to successfully unlock this challenge, it is necessary to carefully inspect each combination of 3 numbers and its corresponding coloured dot.

Be warned! The coloured dots are not placed in order and you have only 25 seconds to find the code or complete the challenge. So, be quick and use your problem-solving skills to get the job done.

Training the logical mind is a key step in finding the right code in the puzzle of the day. A sharp mind can recognize patterns and deduce outcomes to problems more quickly.

Additionally, training your brain can help you become better at problem-solving and decision-making. By investing time and effort in training your brain, you can develop skills that will help you become more successful in life.

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This can have beneficial impacts on both professional and personal aspects of your life. So, take some time each day to challenge yourself and work on puzzles to sharpen your cognitive skills – it is worth it!

The code has been cracked

We’ve got a challenge for you! Can you solve this brain teaser and find the code of the day? We bet you can! Take your time, and see if you can figure out the solution.

Now, let’s have a look at the picture – the numbers that make up the code are colored. Congratulations to those who found it in less than 25 seconds! The code to find is 951.

(c) Jerrylwalls

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