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Look for 2 cats to reveal your intelligence IQ.

Are you a fan of personality tests and IQ tests of all kinds? The result of this IQ test will allow you to determine if you are smart enough or not. This is a visual game that will test your observation skills and visual discrimination. Will you dare to take this challenge?

There are two cats hidden in the picture below. Your challenge is to find them as quickly as possible. However, there is no time limit, so you can look carefully at every detail of this picture to find them. Besides, you can count how long it takes you to complete this observation test!

Tes kepribadian dengan mencari dua ekor kucing.

The answer to the test

Did you find the two cats well hidden in the picture? If so, we congratulate you! We have no doubt about your intelligence. You have an eagle eye and a high sense of detail.

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IF you have not been able to find the two cats, here is a little clue that might help you. Look closely at what each character is doing in this image.

Still haven’t spotted the two cats? Here are some additional clues to make sure you can’t miss them. Look closely at the body parts of the three characters, especially their feet. Did you also notice how the mother and daughter are looking at the father? Is this a warning?

So, did you finally find the two animals? We reveal the solution to this IQ test in the following image.

It seems that it took you a long time to find the right answers to this IQ test. To increase your skills, we suggest you work on your observation skills, visual memory and visual discrimination. There is nothing better than visual tests for this purpose. So don’t miss any of our visual games to develop your sensory and intellectual skills with lots of practice! Don’t hesitate to share your achievements and IQ tests with your friends and family!

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