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Observation test: Can you find 3 differences between these 2 images? Only the most attentive can distinguish them easily.

This IQ test is perfect to test your observation skills, intelligence and concentration. The challenge is to distinguish the 3 differences in the image that is presented to you. It is a simple test and everyone can take it. The objective is to solve the test in a short time to demonstrate your intelligence.

Presentation of the IQ test

In this new IQ test, the puzzle is a little more difficult. The image presented to you is almost identical and the differences are hardly noticeable. However, if you have sharp vision, finding the 3 dissimilarities in no time will be easy.

Before proceeding, you should take a comfortable place and clear your mind. Concentration is also important if you want to test your observation skills with this challenge.

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If you look closely at the young woman in the photos placed side by side, you will notice that she is bent over and playing on a cell phone. You can also see that there are objects around her and that she is holding something in her hand.

To take this IQ test, you need to find the errors hidden in the pictures. Indeed, even if at first sight, these two pictures look alike, it turns out that 3 details differentiate them. This challenge is perfect to help you think intelligently.

Answer to this IQ test

It’s time to show the answer to this IQ test. This visual challenge is ranked among the most difficult IQ tests. Finding the 3 differences can’t have been easy since they are hard to spot. Congratulations, if you noticed them, you are among the smartest people.

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If you didn’t spot the differences, here are the answers with explanations. You can also check your answer by viewing the picture below.

  • Difference number 1: Look closely at the stripes on the woman’s sweater. You will notice that they are different from one picture to another.
  • Difference number 2: It is quite difficult to find since it is on the phone screen. Indeed, on one of the screen you can see that the tree is reversed.
  • Difference number 3: only observant people could notice this detail, because it is on the cup of the young woman. Notice that there is a difference between the content of the first and second image.

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