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Only 10% of the participants were able to solve this puzzle! Do you think you can do it?

Stop everything! It’s time to take a break for a few minutes. It is important to detach yourself from the pressure and stress for a moment to be able to remain productive. And it is precisely in this perspective that we suggest you this little riddle. Take the opportunity to have a little fun. Get ready, it is now time to start.

IQ test: what is this puzzle?

For this test, we are going to propose you a photo on which there will be children and a dog. Your objective will be to find the owner of the dog. To do this, you will have to find a reasoning that will help you to understand and find out who is the owner of the dog among the children in the picture. To make this puzzle even more interesting, a time limit will be imposed on you. Therefore, you will have only 10 seconds to find the right answer.

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IQ test: what benefits can we get from this kind of challenge?

This kind of small activity will allow you to use your time wisely. You can have fun while training your brain. You will kill two birds with one stone, because by taking the time to relax, you will reduce your stress level and the risk of anxiety attacks. At the same time, you will stimulate your brain and therefore improve your intellectual capacities. More importantly, this type of puzzle will allow you to work on your way of reasoning and sharpen your logic. It is also important to note that exercises such as riddles and puzzles help to combat memory problems.

What is the correct answer?

The answer is simple! It was enough to observe the children: the one who does not caress the dog is the owner (N°2)He is there and he has an eye on his dog but he lets his friends play with him a little and enjoy it.

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