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Only 2% managed to find the pineapple. Will you be able to meet the challenge?

What would you say if we test your observation skills today ? Get ready to challenge your visual skills and ability to concentrate on this very difficult test! Before you get all serious and focused, remember that this vision test is not a medical test. It’s a fun challenge that allows you to have fun and then test your vision quality! Are you ready?

Visual test: “Can you find the pineapple in the kitchen?”

Visual acuity is part of the criteria for good vision. And based on today’s high-level challenge, only 2% of the people who took this vision test have sharp eyesight. What about you? Are you a good observer or are you one of the 98% of Internet users who failed this high-level observation test?

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The image below represents a corner of the kitchen. You can see food, kitchen utensils and other kitchen products. In this room, everything looks tidy. However, the owner of this beautiful kitchen can’t find the pineapple she wants to prepare. Your challenge is to find the pineapple in a very short time. You have 7 seconds to get there!


IQ test : the right answer

The 7 seconds are up! Did you find the visual test really complicated or was this riddle a piece of cake for you? If you found the pineapple, congratulations! You have excellent visual acuity. How does it feel to know that you are in the minority of those who have successfully completed this extreme challenge? You should be proud!

Unfortunately, if you couldn’t spot the location of the pineapple, then you failed the visual challenge. If you found it after the 7 seconds had elapsed, it’s the same thing! What we can advise you is to stimulate your visual acuity more often to boost your vision. Also, think about taking challenges with time limits to train your concentration and your brain to this constraint.

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It’s time to reveal where the pineapple was.

The solution

Actually, the pineapple is up above the stove, right in front of your eyes. Below is the solution in pictures:


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