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Personality Test: Choose a nail color from this photo and reveal your personality traits

For many people, painting their nails is a fun and artistic way to express their personality. Indeed, the choice of colors can reveal certain traits of your character. If you are curious about what this means, we invite you to look at the image below showing six nail colors. Select the one you like best and see what your choice means.

The nail color n°1

This choice says that you are a confident person. You never allow others to influence your way of being. If you have a goal to reach, you try to achieve it at all costs. You are the type of person who works hard and fast. You have a quick mind and burning enthusiasm.

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Nail Color #2

We recognize you by your great sense of humor. Warm and always having the word to laugh, you allow your entourage to advance with your good mood. What’s more, you are aware that laughter is the best remedy to all the ills of life, for yourself and for others.

Nail color #3

To define yourself, you embody honesty. You tend to always tell the truth about everything. You despise lies and pretense. Although your frankness has already brought you some setbacks in certain areas, it has had the merit of bringing you true love.

The color of nails n°4

Choosing the fourth nail color translates that you are a loyal person. You are able to remain faithful even when the person you love had to go away for professional or personal reasons. You are undoubtedly a trustworthy person. That’s why your friends, family and partner feel lucky to have you by their side.

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Nail color #5

This color choice means you are able to fit in with everyone: anywhere and everywhere. It’s a quality that allows you to blend into any environment or decor. What’s more, you have a great ability to reach out to others. You have no problem breaking the ice. You never lack phrases and charisma to approach someone and maintain a conversation.

The nail color n°6

Opting for the sixth color means that you have a very good sense of communication. You are seen as cool, calm and intimidating. To others, you are an incredibly interesting person. You are not the type to say everything that comes to mind. However, you know how to find the right topic of conversation that will keep your interlocutor on the edge of his or her seat.

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