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Personality test: Choose an apple color and reveal your subconscious character, introvert or extrovert.

Do you want to discover a new facet of your personality? Then take this test without hesitation. It turns out that each of the colors and positions of the apples in this psychological test have a certain meaning. Indeed, it helps to determine your true personality which can reveal if you are introverted or extroverted.

All you have to do is choose one of the apples. There will be no right or wrong answer, but you must choose randomly. You can also take as much time as you need. Just let your subconscious guide you. If you cheat, it will compromise the test result, so don’t change your answer.

Apple #1

The color of this apple is a bright red. If you chose it, it means that you are an extroverted person. What can be said about your personality is that you tend to say everything you think, without a filter.

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This apple can also reveal your ability to lead big projects.

Apple #2

If you look closely at this apple, it declines slightly to the right. If you have chosen it, it is because you prefer to remain dynamic in life. You do not like to be bored.

Besides, you are an outgoing person who likes to have fun and make things happen.

You are also one of those people who like to express their emotions.

Apple #3

This apple has a slightly lighter color than the first apple.

It demonstrates the fact that extroverted people are those who always see the glass as half full.

If you have chosen this apple, it means that you are an individual with great sensitivity. It also justifies the fact that you are an inspiring person. You have no difficulty persuading people around you because they find you fascinating.

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Apple #4

People who chose this apple are introverted people. Sometimes they express their feelings with strong emotions and actions. However, they never dare to show them with words. They are also quiet people who prefer tranquility more than anything else.

Apple #5

This last apple is chosen by extroverted people who are good at planning their lives well.

These people like organization and enjoy every moment of their lives.

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