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Personality Test: Choose one of the symbols and find out if you are a cold and selfish person

Do you need a little distraction? Discover your character traits through our fun challenges. Today, challenge your personality with a very easy visual test. All you have to do is make a choice and we’ll reveal an aspect of your personality that you might not have known before. You may discover that you are a cold and selfish person. Are you ready to know the truth?

Which did you see first: the knife or the flower?

This personality test is a fun way to decipher your personality. Indeed, your thoughts and character traits are reflected not only in your actions, but also in your choices. That’s why this visual game in which you have to make a choice is an effective way to find out more about you!

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In the image below, you can see a knife and a flower. To take this test, simply look at the image and reveal which of these two objects you saw first. Depending on your answer, go to the next paragraph to read the conclusion!

Be careful, you are not allowed to change your answer, make sure your answer is final!

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Have you made your choice? Then here’s what your answer says about you!

1. The knife

If you chose the knife, it means that you know what you want. You always put yourself first, because you have very clear goals. You almost never change your mind when something is on your mind. This makes you appear to be a cold person. However, you act this way because you are afraid of hurting others and of being hurt. Some people see you as selfish and shallow.

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2. The flower

If you saw the rose first, it means that you are a person who forgives easily and does not hold grudges at all. You love adventure and excitement. Living in the moment makes you happy, because you don’t like boredom or monotony. You believe that you only live once. Don’t stay in an environment that doesn’t bring you growth and fulfillment!

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