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Personality Test – The first thing you see in this picture will reveal the sources of your fears.

Everyone has a fear buried inside of them. Take this personality test to reveal yours!

To take this personality test, simply look at the image below as a whole and remember the first element of this image that you saw first.

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Personality test : The answers

That’s it, you have your answer? You’re not allowed to change it anymore. Now find out what the first thing you saw in this image reveals about your fear.

1. The little girl

If the first thing you saw was the little girl, then you were repressed or isolated when you were just a child. The source of your fear stems from this because the events that marked you as a child happened in adulthood and scared you. Also, you have difficulty making decisions and taking responsibility because of these unconscious fears and your relationship with your mother. She has been an important emotional developmental support for you ever since.

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2. The butterfly

Although butterflies generally symbolize and bring positive things and messages, here your view of the butterfly implies that the sources of your fear come from a dark place. But also the fear of missed opportunities. You also feel sadness for people who are no longer in your life.

3. The spider

Fear of spiders is very common because it is a survival mechanism for small dangers. If the spider is what you first saw when you looked at the picture, then you are afraid of dangerous environments. You don’t feel safe in an environment. You check and almost always find a hazard.

4. The trees

The tree is an important physiological symbol. Did you see the trees first? This implies that there is an inner conflict within you that has not yet been resolved. You are not aware of it but you are afraid of suffering an emotional breakdown.

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5. The teddy bear

If you noticed the teddy bear before all the other elements in the image, know that when you were a child, the teddy bear represented a friend who comforted you and could understand you unconditionally. Thus, your source of fear is a childhood trauma.

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