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Personality test: which of these sitting positions is your favorite? Your choice will determine your true personality

Did you know that your personality is reflected in your body language? Take this test to find out your true personality!

In this personality test, you simply look at each sitting position in the following image and identify your favorite position!

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Personality test : The answers

It’s time to find out what your answer says about your personality!

1. Position #1

You are sensitive and good-natured. You know how to communicate with everyone without exception because you are a good observer of the habits and behaviors of those around you. Although you have good self-control and excellent intelligence, you are easily hurt.

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2. Position n°2

Not liking to communicate but rather stay in your own bubble, you prefer to isolate yourself and get away from society. People find you interesting. Only, you choose carefully to whom you will open up.

3. Position n°3

If you have chosen this position, it means that you are a determined, independent person who is not the type to accept help. Although you do not like to open up to others, you are a very loyal person.

4. Position n°4

This position is a sign that you have a gentle and understanding nature. Always ready to help and support those around you, you also have a very psychological mindset. You are then intelligent and easy to fool.

5. Position n°5

By having your legs spread, you are more stable. You always try to stay calm and collected. If it is your right leg that is spread out, then you have an inquisitive mind. If not, you are also adventurous.

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6. Position n°6

Are you totally relaxed when you sit down? It is then difficult to communicate with you because you are a very proud person who values himself too much. However, you have charisma and there is no doubt about your entrepreneurial and leadership spirit!

7. Position n°7

Are you comfortable when you put your hands on your knees with your body straight? Then you have a strong character and are always able to get out of any situation, even the most difficult. Even if you know you are wrong, you keep arguing in your favor and people know that it is useless to argue with you!

8. Position #8

You are a cheerful person. Indeed, this position testifies to your optimism and your ability to influence those around you with positive energy. However, you have a weak point: your jokes are often inappropriate and out of place without you realizing it.

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9. Position n°9

If you prefer this position, it means that you are a person of excessive curiosity. However, you have a special charm that makes you always manage to impress others!

10. Position n°10

This position is the position of carefree and frivolous people. You live your life as it comes without trying to detail every problem and its solution. You are also a very sociable person who easily attracts people. However, you are also touchy, very vindictive and do not like it when people get angry.

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