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Protect the birds in your garden this winter!

Winter is an important season to prepare the garden for the months ahead. It is essential to take steps to protect the garden and its occupants from the winter weather. Birds, which have become a source of inspiration and comfort to many people, are especially vulnerable as winter approaches. You can easily help birds survive the winter By taking some simple steps in your garden. In this article, you will learn how to protect birds during the winter and how to prepare your garden for the season.

Protecting Birds in Your Garden: Why?

Protecting the birds in your garden is essential, because they are living beings that need our help for their survival. Indeed, our environment is deteriorating every year because of global warming and the development of concrete. Therefore, it is important to take care of birds and provide them with a safe and stable habitat.

To protect them, avoid cutting down the trees that are their natural habitat. In addition, the adaptation of a nesting box is highly recommended to provide them with a safe shelter. You can feed and water the birds with seed and clean water to facilitate their survival. Finally, a regular maintenance is necessary to maintain favorable conditions for bird life.

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Avoid cutting trees

When it comes to protecting the birds in your garden, it’s important not to cut down trees, but to maintain them. Birds need trees for shelter and food. It is therefore essential that the garden offers a small shaded area for them to rest and feed. Also, by not cutting down trees, you are providing a natural habitat for birds to build their nests and protect themselves from predators. Nothing beats nature for sheltering birds!

It is important to maintain trees regularly, especially by pruning dead or diseased branches that would harm the health of birds. This will also allow you to design your garden in an environmentally friendly way. If some trees need to be cut down, make sure it is for a good reason and that you replant new trees so that the birds will always find a place to take refuge. Don’t hesitate to consult an expert if you have any doubts about cutting down a tree!

Adapting a nesting box

You can adapt a nest box to your garden for the birds that nest there. It is important to consider the type of birds that live in the area and their size when choosing the right type of nest box. Birds feel most comfortable in nesting boxes that are adapted to their size and habits. When choosing a nesting box, Make sure it offers adequate protection and shelter. Place it out of the weather and away from predatory animals. However, you should also make sure it is not too close to your house or windows as this can be dangerous for birds.

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Well-lit areas are often a good idea as they can help birds find food easily. You can also adapt your birdhouse by adding perches, feeders and waterers to encourage birds to stay in your garden. Adding some plants and shrubs will also help birds feel protected.

Feeding and watering birds differently

If you want to help birds survive in your garden, feed them differently. Provide protein-rich seeds, such as sunflower seeds and millet seeds. You can also offer them fresh fruit, mealworms, jam or honey for energy.
Also consider watering the birds. You can set up a small fountain, bird bath or watering hole to help keep them hydrated. Remember that water should be changed regularly and bird baths should be cleaned frequently to prevent the spread of disease. At Providing a variety of nutritious foods for birdsBy providing birds with a variety of nutritious foods, you will contribute greatly to their survival and to the health of your garden.

Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is a fundamental step in protecting the birds in your garden. Indeed, it allows you to clean and reorganize their habitat. It is therefore essential to ensure that your nesting boxes are in good condition and that the shelters are well maintained. You should also make sure that the birds have access to adequate food and a water source that does not freeze. You can also cut branches that prevent the birds from flying away, and trim bushes to ensure they have enough space. In addition, you can harvest fallen fruit and seeds from the trees to feed and water the birds.

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Finally, it is important to clean and disinfect the nest box at regular intervals to prevent the spread of disease. You can also take preventive measures to avoid contamination by parasites such as bugs or mosquitoes. All of these measures can be taken to provide an ideal and safe environment for the birds.

In summary, protecting the birds in your garden is essential for their survival. To do this, it is important to avoid cutting down the trees that are their natural habitat and to adapt a nesting box to your garden. Feeding and watering the birds with seeds and clean water is also recommended to facilitate their survival. Finally, regular maintenance of the garden is necessary to maintain favorable conditions for the birds. By doing these simple things, you will help protect birds and provide a safe and stable habitat for them to thrive.

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