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Selected animals reveal the hidden and dark side of your subconscious.

We invite you to test your personality to discover the dark side of your subconscious! Are you ready to discover the dark side of your personality?

To take this personality test, simply look at the following pictures and answer the following question: Which of these 7 animals inspires you at first sight? Once you have made your choice, you just have to discover what this answer says about you

Personality test : The answer to the test

Attention, you are not allowed to change your answer. It is time to know your true face!

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1. The wolf

If you have chosen the wolf, it means that you have a strong character and tend to make decisions hastily. You prefer to live alone, and even set limits to all relationships!

2. The bat

Have you decided on the bat? Like the animal of your choice, you have a complex personality. You live as you please and without often being aware of others. In fact, you often have a low opinion of others. You also tend to be subjective.

3. The raven

Even if the raven symbolizes intelligence and diplomacy, it happens that your kindness turns against you. As a victim of your kindness, you are often deceived by those around you.

4. The black panther

If you have chosen the black panther, you are certainly mysterious, but it becomes an attraction, even an obsession for the people around you to the point that you are unconsciously feared! As a result, you tend to provoke fear in others.

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5. The spider

The spider is a manipulator. You are then a devious and clever person, deceitful. In return, you have become suspicious of those around you.

6. The cat

Did you choose the cat? It means that you are independent and organized. Unfortunately, you like to be isolated and are not afraid to plan a revenge.

7. The vulture

Your temperament is stable but you are vengeful and vengeful. Moreover, you know how to wait for the right moment to attack your enemies.

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