find the locations of all the blocks so that each straight line contains 6 different signs.

The puzzles have always fascinated children and adults: sudoku, riddles, puzzlesetc. They amuse us and make us proud when we manage to find the right solution. Calling on many skills and qualities, the more difficult the puzzle is, the more it improves many cerebral capacities. Presentation of the puzzle This puzzle is perfect to capture … Read more

How many more orange cubes are needed to completely surround the blue cube?

This visual challenge offers many benefits, including mental and physical. It is an opportunity to stimulate your neurons and improve your logic and observation skills. Riddle of the Day puts you in front of a cube of blue color that you will have to surround completely with the orange cubes. Presentation of the visual enigma … Read more

the “S” you choose can say a lot about your character traits

The test that we propose to you today is based on the choice that you are going to make. In the image below, you have a series of “s” written differently. Choose one at random and go to the bottom to find out what it means. Beware of results that may be upsetting. ©Mixxradio The … Read more

can you find the 3 differences between these 2 images in 30 seconds?

The test of the day is a visual exercise. It features the tooth fairy and the tooth fairy. We have a little anecdote that few people know about teeth. Did you know that mosquitoes have 47 teeth and snails have 25 teeth? A fact that is not well known and that seems crazy for small … Read more

Are you sociable? What you see first in this quiz will reveal it!

Do you like to discover aspects of your character? Then take this personality test! Thanks to this visual game, you will discover if you are or not a sociable person. You may be really surprised at the answer. Visual test: “What do you see first in the picture?” Being sociable means that you can live … Read more

Find the gear that will turn the wheel of the bike in this infernal maze

Today’s test is a maze that is out of the ordinary. Speaking of out of the ordinary things, did you know that the largest maze in the world is in California? It’s the Servlinks maze in La Pocatière, which covers 301,474 square meters, or the equivalent of 55 soccer fields. It takes no less than … Read more

You have 8 seconds to find the different flamingo

Did you know that the human eye is on average able to identify more than a million different colors. It is an extremely powerful visual instrument. Some people with extraordinary abilities are even able to see more than 10 million shades. And you, what is the capacity of your eye to distinguish colors? The test … Read more

Which of these feathers inspires you the most? Your choice reveals more about your character

The personality is not immutable. It can, in fact, change according to your experience and your environment. However, there are facets of your personality that remain within you despite what you go through. If you want to know more about yourself, take this visual challenge! The answers may surprise you! Visual test: “Which of these … Read more

How ambitious are you? Take the test to find out!

It is sometimes difficult to be in agreement with oneself. It takes a whole life to be able to define oneself because one never stops building oneself thanks to or because of life experiences. Growing and changing, sometimes radically, are part of human life. We offer you this personality test that will only take a … Read more