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The culprit refuses to denounce himself and to assume his responsibilities. He must be unmasked and quickly!

To relax and entertain you for a while, we suggest you try to solve this puzzle. The objective will be above all to have fun. However, it is a good opportunity and an excellent way to exercise yourself, intellectually speaking, to improve the performance of your brain. Get ready, now it’s time to start. Have fun!

What is this IQ test?

For this puzzle, we will present you with a picture of two cars, one red and one blue, two men arguing and a restaurant upside down. The accident was clearly caused by one of the carsbecause on the picture, there are traces of tire. You will have understood it, one of the two men is responsible for this carnage, but neither of them wants to admit it: they accuse each other. However, a few details in the image show who is really responsible. You will have to use your analytical skills to unmask the culprit. Take time to concentrate and consider all the details before you give your answer. Still, try to complete the puzzle as quickly as possible.

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Why take an IQ test?

You should know that visual tests, riddles and puzzles are excellent for memory and for combating stress-related problems. Moreover, with the evolution of technology and the place of the Internet in our daily lives, it is possible to take an IQ test. IQ test Anywhere and anytime. Also, we must not neglect the importance of entertainment which helps enormously to break the daily routine while stimulating the brain. Moreover, puzzles of this kind are recommended to people who want to improve their intellectual skills without putting pressure on themselves. Finally, this kind of puzzle allows to highlight possible problems, such as concentration problems and sight problems.

So who is really responsible for this disaster?

The driver of the blue car is lying! Did you find it? If so, then we offer you our sincere congratulations. Your sense of analysis is remarkable!

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Those who did not find, do not fear. We’ll explain it all to you! At first glance, it’s hard to tell who’s lying and who’s telling the truth. However, there are details that change everything. The two cars do not have the same type of tire and you will notice that the track that goes to the restaurant corresponds to the tires of the blue car. Now that the culprit has been unmasked, it is time to call the authorities. Nevertheless, to help you understand, here is the solution in picture.


We hope you enjoyed this little challenge. Feel free to share this IQ test on your social networks so that your friends can also benefit from it.

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