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The number of faces discovered reveals your intelligence IQ

Knowing how smart we are increases our self-confidence. It also gives us the best chance to succeed. Read on to get a glimpse of your intellectual abilities.

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Your mission is to carefully observe the image below and find faces. The level of your intelligence will depend on the number of faces you find in the picture. You don’t need to rush to solve this puzzle. Take your time to distinguish the faces. You need to concentrate and pay attention. Don’t let external distractions bother you. Be aware that you will only get one shot.

Some clues and directions to find the faces in the photo

Don’t just look at the twigs and tree trunks. You should also look at the rocks. These could indeed show someone’s face. Don’t neglect the leaves of the trees as well, as they can form an eye. So how many faces could you find? Read on to find out how smart you are.

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If you were able to find between 6 and 8 faces

This means that your intellectual capacity is similar to the average. But that’s okay because it’s never too late to strengthen your mental capacity by taking on other challenges.

If you have spotted 10 faces

The fact that you were able to find 10 faces shows that you have already made a very good track. It indicates your level of sensitivity. We can say that your IQ is slightly above average. Know that you can always improve by training your brain.

If you have observed 13 faces

This photo has a total of 13 faces. If you have found them all, it means that you have solved the puzzle. You deserve to be called a grandmaster, because your IQ is much higher than the average.

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If you have found more than 13 faces

The number of faces in the picture is 13. If you see more, it means that you are suffering from a rather high level of paranoia.

Sharpen your mind by doing other tests

If you liked this personality test, then we invite you to take other tests on our site. Many subjects are covered. They will allow you to learn a little more about yourself. They will also offer you the possibility to know your intelligence level. Also, solve the puzzles with your family so that you can spend some quality time together.

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