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There is an error hidden in this picture, but only geniuses can find it in 7 seconds

Although the presented image looks perfect, something is wrong. The mistake may be in the mirror’s reflection or in the background. It’s up to you to find out. On this subject, do you know the biggest natural mirror in the world? It is the Salar de Uyuni, which is a salt desert that turns into a natural mirror when it rains. This way, it can totally reflect the sky that covers it with clouds. In the test that we present to you, you will have to discover what hides the reflection of this mirror.

What is the detail that is wrong with this seemingly ordinary image?

Today, our test requires exceptional visual skillsbut also an advanced analytical mind in order to detect the error in the image. Although this test is not necessarily difficult, it does require certain abilities. It is therefore mainly designed for adults and young children who are able to deduce.

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To pass this visual test, you will need to examine the image carefully to determine the element that does not fit a certain logic. The error can be an object, an element of the decor, a color or a general aspect that does not fit with the other elements of the image. It is essential to pay attention to the entire illustration. Check from top to bottom, but also from top to bottom and be very alert and perceptive. Be careful, this test is timed and you only have 7 seconds to find the error.

Did you find the error in the image?

The timer has stopped and the 7 seconds are up. The test is now over. We hope that you have passed this test and have discovered the answer. If you didn’t see anything wrong, here is the solution to this acuity test.

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The solution to the test

At first glance, this image represents a woman looking at herself in the mirror, nothing abnormal so far. However, your brain must have picked up on something that remains illogical and must have upset it. If you take a closer look, something is indeed wrong. The error is in the mirror. If you have used your logic, the reflection of the cream is the wrong color. In fact, the reflection always represents the same thing identically but in an opposite direction of the mother image.


This test was particularly difficult, and if you found the answer, you can be proud of your insight. For those of you who didn’t get it right, there are other logic tests available on our site.

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