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These 3 signs will receive bad news in February 2023! Are you concerned?

February 2023 promises to be a month rich in change and surprises. The position of Jupiter in Aries and the transit of Mercury in Aquarius will impact several signs of the zodiac, and not always in the way we want! Some of us could receive some bad news and face some difficulties. However, with the right preparation and a little luck, we can overcome these obstacles thanks to astrological predictions. In this article, I propose to discover the astrological predictions for each sign of the zodiac so that you can plan for the month ahead.

In February there will be a very strong influence of the stars. The largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter, will enter the sign of Aries, and Mercury will move into the sign of Aquarius. These planetary movements will have an important impact on the astrological signs. Some signs will benefit from the influence of Jupiter and Mercury, and will be able to enjoy new opportunities or a new outlook on life.

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On the other hand, other signs are likely to receive bad news. People who belong to these signs will have to be careful and keep calm to face the difficulties that may arise.

Finally, for all astrological signs, the transit of Jupiter and Mercury in February can bring positive changes if you know how to welcome them.


Gemini should expect some not-so-pleasant news in February, as their ruling planets, Mercury and Venus will be opposite Uranus.

This astrological configuration may cause sudden and unpredictable changes that will directly affect their finances, career and personal life. The planet Mars will also enter Aquarius at the end of the month, which may indicate that Gemini will have to face some unforeseen difficulties.

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Sagittarius should be cautious in February, as an opposition from Jupiter and Neptune could cause problems with communication and concentration. In addition, Saturn will be in quadrature with Uranus throughout the month, which means Sagittarians should be prepared for unexpected challenges.

Although this bad news is not pleasant to hear, Sagittarians should remain calm and persistent to overcome this difficult period.


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Aquarius will also experience the negative effects of astrological configurations in February. The planet Mars will enter Aquarius at the end of the month, indicating that Aquarians’ personal and professional lives may be disrupted by unpredictable decisions.

In addition, a Pluto-Uranus opposition could put Aquarians in a difficult financial situation. However, they should show patience and courage in order to overcome this bad patch.

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