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Visual test: Find out how observant you are by helping the little bird find the ice cream that is different from the others

You’ve had a hard day and all you want to do is escape? But did you know that it is possible to train while having fun? Puzzles and riddles are there to reveal a little more about you and increase your abilities. This time, it’s a visual test to sharpen your concentration and rigor. It’s your turn to play!

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Visual test : what is it about ?

The test we are talking about is a visual recognition. Are you quick enough to detect what stands out from the rest? This is an illustration of multiple colored ice creams. They all have their own colors and characteristics, but look the same.

However, among them, there is a sad little bird. The objective is to help this unfortunate one to find the ice cream he has lost. It is different from all the others. You have to find it in less than 20 seconds. Do you dare?

The solution: which ice cream is different?

What makes the test difficult is that there are several types of ice that repeat themselves. Although they differ in shape, size and color, they are the same. This makes the game confusing. The trick is to constantly use your memory. The one that belongs to the sad little bird is the popsicle. It is in the center right corner of the image. It is pink at the top and green at the bottom, so it is different from the others. Many participants failed and could not help the bird. But the smart ones did.

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Finding the missing ice cream was not so simple. In fact, what makes players fail is the pressure of time. Stress reduces the brain’s ability to think and therefore to reason. Therefore, to succeed in visual puzzles, you need to be focused and in a quiet place. The first thing to look for is the background or the corners of the picture. Often the solution is hidden there. Then you have to memorize every detail.

Did you find the right answer?

If you have found the right answer, then you are an extremely meticulous person. This is a very rare quality nowadays when society encourages us to base ourselves only on the superfluous, without going into the depth of things. However, if you failed, then it’s not a big deal. Many Internet users have also gone through this. Therefore, you are not the only one to be in this situation.

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