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Visual test: find the logical error in this illustration of space

Once again, we have a visual challenge for you that will help you improve your concentration. We already did it last time, when you identified two giraffes that are exactly the same within the group. That was not easy.

This time we have a photo from Sympa , which challenges us to find the error in the image … it may seem very strange, but there is a logical error in the illustration we have for you today … so open your eyes wide and you have 15 seconds to figure out what’s wrong with this representation of Armstrong on the moon.

This visual challenge may not be as easy as it seems, that’s why we leave you a little clue: think of a picture you’ve seen of people on the Moon and especially of Armstrong… there’s something that doesn’t fit if you’re very careful, and it’s not on the astronaut… Have you ever seen it?

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If you give up, or if you want to know the right answer to the problem, keep going down… it is very likely that once you read what it is, you will realize that indeed, it was something that did not fit from the beginning.

Solution: what is the error in the image of the astronaut

The problem with the illustration of the astronaut is something you will say, why didn’t I realize before if it seemed so obvious, and that is that it is as simple as that instead of seeing the Earth in the background, one observes a second moon, which is not seen with as much clarity or certainty in any known point until today, and even less on the photos of Armstrong on the Moon.

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