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What are the most common fears in children?

Learn about the common fears children have, and how you can help them cope!

It’s natural for children to be scared of things, and there are certain fears that are common among them.

For example, many children are afraid of monsters, darkness, water, death, and clowns. In this article, we’ll explore these common fears and why they may exist.

Fear of monsters

Fear of monsters is a fear many children share. It can manifest in various ways, from being afraid of the dark to being scared of shadows and unfamiliar noises.

While this fear may seem irrational, it’s important to remember that it’s a normal part of childhood. A good way to help kids overcome their fear of monsters is by talking to them openly about it and reassuring them that monsters do not exist.

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Showing them pictures or movies featuring friendly monsters can also be helpful in calming their anxieties.

Fear of the dark

The fear of the dark is one of the most common fears in children. It’s a universal fear, shared by children around the world regardless of their culture or background.

Although it’s natural for kids to be afraid of the dark, it’s important to remember that this fear is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

Parents can help their children overcome their fear by talking to them about it, reassuring them that they are safe, and explaining what they can do if they ever feel scared.

Fear of water

Water can be a scary thing for children. It is often deep and dark which can be intimidating, and the sensation of being submerged can be unfamiliar.

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Learning to swim and getting comfortable in the water takes time and patience. Parents can help their children by introducing them to water gradually and making it a fun experience.

Fear of death

It is normal for children to have some fears, and one of the most common fears among children is the fear of death. This fear is usually a result of the unknown, because children may not understand death itself or what comes after it.

Parents can help their child cope with this fear by talking about it openly and honestly, helping them to understand that death is a natural part of life.

Explaining to them that we all die eventually, but that life is still worth living and embracing, can be reassuring for a child.

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Fear of clowns

Coulrophobia, fear of clowns, is a common fear amongst children and adults alike. Clowns can be seen as scary, with their exaggerated facial features and brightly coloured clothing

. It’s not uncommon for children to feel uneasy when they see clowns in their environment. To help them overcome their fear, it’s important to talk to them and reassure them that clowns are not dangerous and can even be quite funny.

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