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What is the only mistake in the scene? You only have 7 seconds to find out

Switch to “hawk eye” mode and prove that you are really capable of solving the most complex visual challenges. You think you’ve seen it all, don’t get carried away and discover a new challenge that has left thousands of internet users “speechless”.

Since this type of activity became famous on social networks, many people have tested their skills trying to find the solution to each problem, but almost 98% of them were beaten by the one we present below.

See the error?

In the following image, you can see a piece that looks completely normal, however, the truth is that there is a certain detail that doesn’t fit with everything else. Can you find it in less than 7 seconds?

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<strong>Reto visual</strong>

Concentrate and find the loophole before the time runs out, be really agile and realize that in the space is a small clue that will give you the right answer. Don’t give up and be part of the small group that succeeded.

This was the anomaly!

Did you notice something sticking out of the window that shouldn’t be there? You could end the competition if you came across the moon, when in fact it should be the sun because of the light it emits.


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