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Where is the wolf? Solve the visual challenge for CRACKS in 7 seconds

Visual challenges are becoming more and more popular on the Internet, thanks to their level of difficulty. On this occasion, we present you one that has caused problems for more than one person because there is no one to solve it.

So this time you have to find out where the camouflaged wolf is that is endangering the dog and the stork. But you only have 7 seconds, so go ahead!

  Reto visual: ¿En dónde está el lobo? <strong>FOTO: </strong>Twitter.

Have you found it? You need to hurry up. We’re going to give you one more chance, where the main thing, remember, is to take a closer look at what might even seem quite normal. Let’s try to understand.

Where is the wolf? We discover it here!

After going through the image twice, we hope you finally found the answer. If not, here it is, open your eyes!
Too complicated? As it was perfectly camouflaged, probably yes. Don’t forget that if you want to continue testing your skills, just log on to Radiotips.fr.

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  Reto visual: ¡Aquí está el lobo! <strong>FOTO: </strong>Twitter.

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