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Which backpack would you use? Your choice will reveal whether you can forgive and forget easily.

Knowing how to forgive is one of the biggest challenges in our lives, because even though it all depends on how things happened, it is always important to move on and focus on what really matters. How do you know if you can forget easily? Here is a personality test that will tell you.

Traditions, disappointments and negative actions towards our person usually cause some kind of inevitable pain, but it is well said that “time heals all”. Do you think this is the case? Don’t hesitate any longer and take part in this amazing visual test.

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Pick a backpack and find out if you know how to forgive.

The dynamics of this visual test are very simple. Just look very carefully at the following image and choose the backpack you would use. We will then share the results with you, which promise to leave you truly surprised.

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Read the results of the personality test

BACKPACK 1: Until now, you find it hard to believe that the people you trusted most have let you down and your kindness does not allow you to hold a grudge, however, you have chosen or are trying to close the negative ties in your life. You are now trying to be more careful in your actions and relationships.

BACKPACK 2: For you, there are no second chances and if there are, you know that nothing will be the same as before, so you prefer to move on with your life and leave behind everything that has hurt you, but even if you try, you often don’t fully forgive the past.

BACKPACK 3: You are an extremely resentful person, but you do nothing to make the person who hurt you feel the same way you do, instead you patiently wait for life to put everyone in their place. You also believe strongly in karma.

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BACKPACK 4: If someone hurts you, you want them to feel the same way you do. Be careful! Do not waste energy and time in situations that do not favor you, focus on happiness and achieving your dreams, it is time to let go of what hurt you.

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