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Which of these feathers inspires you the most? Your choice reveals more about your character

The personality is not immutable. It can, in fact, change according to your experience and your environment. However, there are facets of your personality that remain within you despite what you go through. If you want to know more about yourself, take this visual challenge! The answers may surprise you!

Visual test: “Which of these nibs do you prefer for your pen?”

To take this personality test, all you have to do is look carefully at the feathers presented in the following imageand then choose which one you like best. Take the test and choose with your instinct and your heart.

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Personality test : the solutions

Which of these 5 feathers did you choose? It’s time to find out what your choice says about your personality.

1. Feather 1

If you have chosen the first feather, it means that you are a person who prefers all things to be clear and concise. You need to know all the details precisely. You do not have many friends, but that suits you. According to you, it is better to be surrounded by transparent and sincere people. You are persevering and have great tenacity. This will take you to the top!

2. Feather 2

You have chosen the nib 2 for your pen? Then you are a person with a strong character. Categorical, firm and not very tolerant, you can become impatient and unstable towards your close relations and entourage, so much so that you are not able to think in a rational way, especially when you have doubts about them or about your initiatives.

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3. Feather 3

If the feather n°3 has caught your attention, then you are a perfectionist. For you, it is the key of any success. This character makes you obsessive and very square on your principles and on the subjects which impassion you. Be careful not to become too compulsive by wanting to do too much to perfection!

4. Feather 4

You have chosen the nib n°4? This means that you are very empathetic and a natural leader. You shine in your projects and also know how to bring out the best in others. You also have a great capacity of listening which always allows you to unearth beautiful opportunities.

5. Feather 5

If you have chosen the last feather, it means that you are an ambitious and hardworking person. In your social relationships, you know what to expect and what you have to gain and what you need. You are opportunistic and very convincing in business. You also like to stand out from the crowd.

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