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Will you find the 3 differences on the picture of these 2 travelers?

Thinking speed is the speed with which your brain picks up, interprets and reacts to information it receives. Thanks to the visual challenge we are proposing today, you will discover how well you can understand and react to information sent by your eyes. But first you have to find this information, because you will be confronted with a game of differences. Are you a good observer?

Visual test: “What are the 3 differences between the photo of these tourists?”

If you claim to have eagle eyes and an agile mind, then prove it by solving this visual challenge in time! Are you ready?

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Look carefully at the image below: you will find a picture of an old couple on a trip. If at first glance the two pictures are identical, this is not the case if you have a high sense of observation. You then have 20 seconds to look at the images in detail and spot the 3 mistakes.

Segera cari dan temukan perbedaan dari gambar seorang kakek nenek yang melancong pada tes IQ berikut ini.

Visual test : The answer to the test

If you gave up and are curious to see the correct answers. We won’t keep you waiting long, here are the 3 differences you should have identified!


The first difference is on the grandfather. Look at his shirt, he has a pocket in photo 1 and none in photo 2. The other two mistakes are on the grandmother. It is the collar of the sweater of the latter. On photo 2, we do not see his left foot.

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Letak perbedaan gambar.

If you have answered well, bravo! You are a good observer who doesn’t miss any details despite a relatively short time. Your speed of thought is undoubtedly impressive. If unfortunately you failed the visual test of the day, don’t be discouraged and continue to challenge yourself. With practice, visual tests will be a breeze for you!

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