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You have 20 seconds to identify the face that is different from the others.

Do you know that having fun is essential for your development? Then why not opt for this visual game. This fun mental activity will challenge your intelligence and observation skills. Even if it is a simple challenge, this visual test of the day works your brain and mobilizes your senses. It is therefore perfect for developing your skills.

Visual Test: “Which of these faces is different from all the others?”

This visual test seems easy to solve. Solving it will allow you to judge your visual ability. Indeed, only people with good vision and visual memory can pass it. If you think you have eagle vision, this vision test will be a breeze for you.

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Here’s your challenge: The picture below has dozens of faces. If you look briefly, they all look the same. However, there is one face that is different from all the others. It’s up to you to find it to prove that you have good observation skills. You only have 20 seconds to solve the test.

Cari wajah yang paling bereda di tes IQ ini dengan cepat.

Visual test : The answer to the test

Your time is up. It’s time to check your answer with the solution we give you below. You can also look at this solution if you have not managed to give an answer before the time runs out.


You can clearly see on the following picture the different face from the others. Look carefully at the reflections on the glasses.

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Wajah yang berbeda di gambar tes IQ.

If you have given the right answer, we congratulate you! You are indeed a good observer, because only the most attentive could notice such a detail! Your vision is excellent, but you also have an extraordinary speed of reflection.

If you failed the test, don’t worry, you can still develop your visual skills. How do you do it? Practice with other visual tests to make the most of your cognitive abilities. Learn to adapt to each visual challenge and you will always come out ahead.

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