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You have 30 seconds to identify 5 errors on the images. After that, you must progress!

Today we challenge you with this visual game. The IQ test we propose will not only entertain you, but it will also define your speed of thinking and observation as well as your concentration. Are you ready to take today’s challenge?

Visual test: “Find the 5 differences between these images.”

The time-limited error game is a great way to increase your observation and visual memory skills. It is also an effective concentration activity. Therefore, if you want to pass this visual test, you need to concentrate to the maximum and sharpen your visual acuity!

For this visual test, look carefully at the following two images and identify the errors. There are 5 in total. You have 30 seconds to find them all!

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Buktikan tes IQ berikut untuk membuktikan kecerdasan diri Anda dengan cara menemukan perbedaan pada gambar.

IQ Test: The Answer to the Challenge

The 30 seconds are up. Did you find the 5 differences or did you run out of time? If you didn’t manage to find them before the end of the time, it means that you need to improve. Don’t worry, this is possible if you practice regularly with visual challenges. You’ll see that with practice, these IQ tests will no longer make you doubt yourself!

If you think you have found the right answers, compare them with the solution below to be sure.


In the image of these two women cutting their hair, the errors are:

Letak perbedaan gambar.

  • the shape of the mouth of the sitting woman;
  • the nose of the one who cuts her hair;
  • the bun of the hairdresser;
  • the length of the comb in the hairdresser’s right hand;
  • the line at the level of her sweater.
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So, did you give the right answers? If so, we congratulate you! You just proved your intelligence and your high sense of observation. Don’t hesitate to share this visual challenge with your friends and family to test their vision and IQ!

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