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You have 8 seconds to find 3 times SO! The test that makes the buzz

Recently, our new observation test has made the buzz on social networks Find the word “SO” three times in an image filled with hundreds of “DONG” words.

It sounds easy, but test your observation skills in this visual test you will be surprised!

Here is the image of the test

The principle is very simple: look at the image carefully during eight seconds maximumthen find the three words “THEREFORE hidden among the hundreds of words “DONG. If you manage to complete the challenge, you can be proud of your observation skills and your ability to stay focused on a single object. But if you can’t find all the “THEN” words, that’s okay (we’ll put the solution below).

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Try again and again until you succeed in the challenge.

This type of test is a great way to keep your brain active and healthy. It can also be used to measure your ability to stay focused and observe things around you carefully. So why not try this test to see how attentive you are to detail?

The solution to this visual test

It’s fun, interesting and can really challenge your mind. Who knows? Maybe you’ll rise to the challenge!

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