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You have 8 seconds to find the different flamingo

Did you know that the human eye is on average able to identify more than a million different colors. It is an extremely powerful visual instrument. Some people with extraordinary abilities are even able to see more than 10 million shades. And you, what is the capacity of your eye to distinguish colors? The test we are proposing today is based on color, and rightly so, they are pink flamingos which are put in the honor.

What is the subtle difference between these flamingos?

In this visual test, you will have to challenge your brain and your sense of observation. This exercise is primarily fun, but it is a good way to stimulate your brain and evaluate your ability to discern important details.

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To perform this test, it is very simple. You just have to look carefully at the illustration below.


The image shows a group of flamingos that look quite similar. At first glance, they are the same color, they have the same morphology and they all look like they are in the water. However, if you look closely and use your visual skills, one detail makes the difference between these flamingos. You have 6 seconds to find this almost imperceptible nuance. Beware, the difficulty level of this game is complex and few people will have the answer.

Did you find the right answer?

The 6 seconds are up! It’s time to find out if you have a great view.

The solution to this test is just below.

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The solution

The difference was not easy to find and if you didn’t see it, don’t worry only 10% of people passed this test. In fact, the flamingo that was different from the others was the third in the second row.


If you managed to find this subtle nuance, you can be proud of your visual performance.

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