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You have to find the magnifying glass that has no lens in 10 seconds! Can you do it?

This test will allow you to determine if your eyesight is good or not. In addition, this exercise will help you to highlight your concentration problemsif you have any. This test lasts less than 10 seconds and will reveal several points about your visual abilities.

Visual test: what does the exercise consist of?

This is both a visual test and a concentration exercise. To do this, you are presented with an image with a white background and several rows of magnifying glasses. However, one small detail differs from all the others: one of the magnifying glasses has no lens.


Therefore, your objective is to find the magnifying glass in question. Moreover, a time limit is imposed on you: you have 10 seconds to find that little flaw. If you succeed, it means that your eyes are as sharp as an eagle’s and that you deserve to be called a meticulous eagle-eye. However, if you don’t complete this exercise in the allotted time, there’s no shame in trying again from a different angle. How long did it take you to complete this exercise?

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Visual test: solution and interpretation

To succeed in this exercise, you must first concentrate and then look at the image as a whole in order to find the intruder. The lensless magnifying glass is on the left side of the image, on the fifth row.


This visual test is relatively easy since the magnifying glasses are more or less well aligned. Thus, it becomes easier to have an overall view and to spot the intruder. It is obvious that it is impossible to go through each row one by one in 10 seconds, that is why it was necessary to to opt for the global vision. However, it should be remembered that only people with excellent eyesight can pass this test quickly. Those who took a little longer certainly have a slight problem with their eyesight or their concentration, perhaps both at the same time. On the other hand, people who were unable to find the lens-free magnifier or who took too long to locate it need to consult a professional for a more thorough eye examination.

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