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You will have to be very fast to find the B on this picture to pass this test


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Apart from the lynx, there is one cat that has incredible eyesight, and that is the cheetah. This animal has an exceptional sight as its cousin, and it is able to see its preys at a distance of more than 5 kilometers. Thanks to this faculty, it is one of the best hunters of the savannah. In today’s test, we will test your vision. Can you find the intruder in this picture in less than 5 seconds?

Today’s test is an easy observation and analysis test. To find the BDon’t rely on luck, you will need a lot of concentration. Children as well as adults are able to do it.

To spot the B, it is important to to examine all the details of the image. This may require turning the image in different directions or looking at it from different angles to find the intruder.

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The B and the 6 can indeed look alike and that’s where this game gets its difficulty from. In addition, the numbers are connected to each other, which gives an optical illusion. So, avoid confusion and know how to distinguish numbers and letters. Warning, you have only 5 seconds to finish the test and no more.

Where is the B that is in the picture?

This visual test is relatively simple and can be done by anyone. You have surely found the solution quickly and within the given time.

At first glance, it is impossible to find the B in one look. However, if you look closely, and scroll down all the lines quickly, the letter is there. To help you, you can use your finger or a pen so that you don’t get lost along the way. It is also necessary to take a step back, that is to say, move away from your screen. This will give you a panoramic view of the test.

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The solution to the test

If you have found the hidden letter B, congratulations! You have a keen eye and still have all your visual abilities. For those of you who haven’t passed yet, don’t worry. This type of test sometimes requires several attempts to find the hidden letter. If you haven’t given up, that’s the point. Below is the answer in pictures:


To practice, we have a series of visual tests on our site. By practicing one every day, you can develop your visual skills.

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